OpenBCM V1.08-3-g9b42 (Linux)

Packet Radio Mailbox


[OpenBCM Lugano JN46LA]

 Login: GUEST


Following options are possible with CHECK command:
  A   increased space for checknumber
  B   show size in bytes
  C   continous, switch off line stop
  D   show date
  F   show BBS of origin
  I   show BID
  J   show headlines
  L   show lifetime
  M   show target address (H-address)
  R   show remote erased mails
  T   show time
  V   show erased mails, see HELP UNERASE
  W   show title
  X   increased space for board number of three characters
  Y   show year at the date
  Z   show number of lines in the mail

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