OpenBCM V1.08-3-g9b42 (Linux)

Packet Radio Mailbox


[OpenBCM Lugano JN46LA]

 Login: GUEST


Syntax: A(LTER) S(PEECH) [<language>]

Without a parameter this command shows a list of selectionable system
languages. In brackets, the beginnings of those callsigns are shown, that got
this language as default value. These callsign values can be set by sysop in
file "speech.bcm". The first line of "msg/messages.*" includes a discribtion
of the language file with a version number which is also shown when you type
"a s".

If you add <language> to this command, you get some system messages in that

Examples:   A S GB   selects english messages
            A S DL   selects german messages

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