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Title :

Title : Testing Version Two of the NooElec Balun One Nine

Content :  Over on YouTube two reviewers have just uploaded videos
showing off version two of the NooElec Balun One Nine. Version one
of the Balun One Nine is a balun transformer that can be used with
long wire and untuned dipole HF antennas to match the impedance
with a 50 Ohm SDR. Matching the impedance results in better HF
reception and less noise. While it is a balun and hence designed
for balanced antennas like a dipole, it is possible to convert it
into an unun for long wire antennas by cutting a trace. 

Title : Testing a PCB Patch Antenna and Radiosonde QFH Antenna for
Inmarsat and Iridium Reception

Content :  Over on his YouTube channel  Tech Minds  has
been testing some antennas for Inmarsat and Iridium L-Band
satellite reception. Inmarsat is a satellite service that runs
on geostationary satellites, and one can be received from almost
anywhere in the world. There are various services, but the ones
that are easily decodable are STD-C EGC and AERO. EGC contains text
information search and rescue (SAR) and coast guard messages as
well as news, weather and incident reports, and AERO is a form
of satellite ACARS, and typically contains short messages from

Title : A Wall Mounted SatNOGS Ground Station Monitor

Content :  If you weren't already aware,   SatNOGS  is an open
source project that aims to make it easy for volunteers to build
and run RF ground stations (typically based on RTL-SDR hardware)
that automatically monitor satellite data, and upload that data to
the internet for public access. This is very useful for low budget
cubesats launched by schools/small organizations that don't have
the resources for a worldwide monitoring network as data can be
collected from all over the world no matter where the satellite is. 

Title : A Guide to Compiling Updated NanoVNA Firmware

Content :  Thank you to Ohan Smit (ZS1SCI) for submitting his
guide that  shows us how to compile the latest NanoVNA firmware from
the source code . The NanoVNA is an open source VNA project by 
@edy555 and ttrftech  that has recently become extremely affordable
at  less than US$50  for a fully assembled unit thanks to Chinese
manufacturing (or a little more if you order it via  Amazon ). 

Title : Significantly Improving RTL_TCP’s Performance with
Ring Buffers

Content :  Thank you to an anonymous contributor for bringing
to attention a two part blog post by Stephen Blinick. Stephen's
post details how the performance of rtl_tcp can be significantly
improved by modifying to code to use a ring buffer  instead of
using semaphore based locking. If you weren't aware, rtl_tcp is a
program that allows you to run your RTL-SDR remotely, and connect
to it over a network connection. 

Title : SignalsEverywhere is Hosting An SDR Hack Chat

Content :

Title : RadarBox Optimized ADS-B Antenna + RTL-SDR Bundle 15%
Off Sale

Content :  Over  in our store  we're currently selling a RadarBox
branded bundle that includes an ADS-B optimized antenna with 10
meters of coax, and an ADS-B optimized RTL-SDR dongle.  RadarBox24
is an ADS-B aggregation flight tracking service similar to other
services like FlightRadar24 and FlightAware. The set is RadarBox
branded, but it can be used with any tracking service, or just for
your own ADS-B station. 

Title : Hermes Lite 2 HF Amateur Radio SDR Group Buy Now Active

Content :  The Hermes Lite 2 (HL2) amateur radio direct sampling
HF SDR transceiver board is  now active for a group buy over on
Makerfabs . The price is $225.70, and there need to be 25 orders
before the group buy is confirmed. If confirmed, production will
begin on 23 September, with production estimated to take about
one month. More information about the group buy available on the
Hermes Lite 2 Wiki . The N2ADR filter board for transmitting with
the HL2 is also  available on Makerfabs for $52.70.  

| Saludos cordiales 73dx - Victor Hugo (LU1HVK) Leones - Cordoba - Argentina |
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