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Title :

Title : RadarBox Optimized ADS-B Antenna + RTL-SDR Bundle 15%
Off Sale

Content :  Over  in our store  we're currently selling a RadarBox
branded bundle that includes an ADS-B optimized antenna with 10
meters of coax, and an ADS-B optimized RTL-SDR dongle.  RadarBox24
is an ADS-B aggregation flight tracking service similar to other
services like FlightRadar24 and FlightAware. The set is RadarBox
branded, but it can be used with any tracking service, or just for
your own ADS-B station. 

Title : Hermes Lite 2 HF Amateur Radio SDR Group Buy Now Active

Content :  The Hermes Lite 2 (HL2) amateur radio direct sampling
HF SDR transceiver board is  now active for a group buy over on
Makerfabs . The price is $225.70, and there need to be 25 orders
before the group buy is confirmed. If confirmed, production will
begin on 23 September, with production estimated to take about
one month. More information about the group buy available on the
Hermes Lite 2 Wiki . The N2ADR filter board for transmitting with
the HL2 is also  available on Makerfabs for $52.70.  

Title : Using a HackRF SDR to Sniff RF Emissions from a
Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet and Obtain the PIN

Content :  At last years Chaos Communication Congress (35C3)
Conference, leveldown security presented their findings on multiple
security vulnerabilities present in cryptocurrency hardware
wallets.  Cryptocurrency is a type of digital asset that relies
on computers solving cryptographic equations to keep the network
trusted and secure. Popular cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin,
Ethereum and Ripple. To access your cryptocurrency funds on a
computer, a software application called a wallet is used. 

Title : Andreas Spiess Explains Software Defined Radio in YouTube

Content :  Over on YouTube Andreas Spiess has uploaded a video
titled "How does Software Defined Radio (SDR) work under the
Hood?". The video is an entertaining introduction to how software
defined radio works and begins from the beginning by explaining
how basic analogue radios work with components such as modulators,
demodulators, frequency generators, mixers and filters. After the
basics he goes on to explain the digitization of radio signals that
occurs in SDRs, and gives an introduction ADCs and how IQ sampling

Title : Hacking Iridium Satellites With Iridium Toolkit

Content :  Over on YouTube TechMinds has uploaded a video showing
how to use the Iridium Toolkit software to receive data and
audio from Iridium satellites with an Airspy. Iridium is a global
satellite service that provides various services such as global
paging, satellite phones, tracking and fleet management services,
as well as services for emergency, aircraft, maritime and covert
operations too. It consists of multiple low earth orbit satellites
where there is at least one visible in the sky at any point in time,
at most locations on the Earth. 

Title : KerberosSDR Batch 2 Ships Soon! Pricing will Rise on Monday

Content :  KerberosSDR Batch 2 will begin shipping very soon! Thank
you to all who have supported this project so far. If you didn't
already know  KerberosSDR is our experimental 4x Coherent RTL-SDR
product made in partnership with Othernet . With it, coherent
applications like radio direction finding (RDF), passive radar and
beam forming are possible. 

Title : RTL-SDR Blog V3 X-Rayed

Content :  Over on Reddit user  u/isysopi201  has put up a
fun post  showing what an RTL-SDR Blog V3 looks like under an
X-Ray machine . With the full resolution images, it is possible
to see the PCB traces in internal planes, the windings on the
electrolytic capacitor, inductors, USB choke and direct sampling
matching transformer, as well as the bond wires on the RTL2832U
and R820T2 silicon chips that connect the pins to the silicon. 

Title : Testing for Spurious Signals on the Airspy HF+ Discovery

Content :  Thank you to Nils Schiffhauer (DK8OK) for submitting
an  article documenting his tests on the Airspy HF+ Discovery  (
pdf mirror ). Spurred on by  discussions  on the SDR-Console mailing
list, Nils went looking for issues with spurious signals generated
by the HF+ itself. In the end he finds some minor spurious signals,
but notes that they have absolutely no adverse effects once an
antenna is connected. 

| Saludos cordiales 73dx - Victor Hugo (LU1HVK) Leones - Cordoba - Argentina |
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