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Title : Cave rescue: Boys and football coach free from Tham Luang

            The plight of the young footballers and the testing
            work to free them has gripped the world's attention.

Title : Trump-Nato summit: EU's Tusk warns president to appreciate

            As he leaves for a Nato summit, the US president gets
            a stark warning from the European Council head.

Title : New UK cabinet meets amid Brexit turmoil

            Theresa May warns her party it must unite after a string
            of resignations over Brexit forced a reshuffle.

Title : Japan floods: 155 killed after torrential rain and landslides

            It is the highest death toll caused by flooding in the
            country in more than three decades.

Title : Italian ship carrying migrants turned away from Italian ports

            In an escalation of its migrant policy, Italy has
            blocked a private Italian vessel from its ports.

Title : RAF centenary: Thousands watch flypast

            The Queen praises the RAF's "tenacity and gallantry"
            before seeing display over Buckingham Palace.

Title : Johnny Depp 'punched crew member in drunken tirade'

            Court documents filed in Los Angeles claim Depp punched
            a crew member twice in the ribs on Notorious BIG film.

Title : Dissident Liu Xiaobo's widow Liu Xia allowed to leave China

            The wife of late Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo
            boarded a flight for Germany, reports say.

Title : Brett Kavanaugh picked for Supreme Court by President Trump

            The president's nomination, if confirmed by Congress,
            could shape the US legal system for a generation.

Title : Israeli unmanned spacecraft to land on Moon in 2019

            It will be the first privately-funded unmanned spacecraft
            to land on the lunar surface.

Title : Nicaragua crisis: '38 killed in bloodiest day' - NGO

            Sunday was the deadliest day of anti-government protests
            so far, a human rights group says.

Title : Osmanen Germania: Germany bans ethnic Turkish boxer gang

            The nationalist Osmanen Germania gang is accused of
            serious crime.

Title : George Clooney injured in Italian motorbike crash

            The star was filming for Channel 4 TV series Catch-22
            in Sardinia when the accident happened.

Title : India policemen told to slim down or lose job

            An Indian police chief says the number of obese officers
            in the force is increasing.

Title : Turkey's Erdogan son-in-law made finance minister amid
nepotism fears

            Turkey's president appoints his son-in-law to the
            cabinet after being sworn in for a new term.

Title : Thai cave rescue: How the boys were saved

            Rescuers have saved the 12 boys, members of a football
            team, and their coach after a risky diving operation
            spread over three days.

Title : Thai cave rescue: 'No kid has cave dived like this before'

            One of the divers on the rescue team in Thailand explains
            the difficulty of getting the boys out.

Title : Cave rescue: Who are the 12 boys and their coach who were
trapped in Thailand?

            The ordeal faced by the football team and their coach
            trapped in a Thai cave has gripped the world.

Title : Thai rescue: The psychological effects of being trapped

            Child psychiatrist Dr Andrea Danese on the challenges
            that will face the rescued Thai boys.

Title : Why was Elon Musk at the Thai cave rescue?

            A mini-sub delivered by the entrepreneur was said to be
            "not practical" by the rescue effort's chief.

Title : World Cup 2018: Smuggling the Pride flag into Russia

            Six LGBT activists toured the most iconic areas of
            Moscow, celebrating Pride during the World Cup.

Title : The King's Path: Is this the scariest walk in the world?

            The King's Path is a unique walkway in Spain but not
            one to attempt if you are scared of heights.

Title : Wife of missing Chinese lawyer: 'I don't know if he is alive'

            Three years ago, a prominent Chinese human rights lawyer
            was arrested and he hasn't been heard from since.

Title : Fossil of 'first giant' dinosaur discovered in Argentina

            Discovery of "first giant" shows how and when dinosaurs
            grew to such massive proportions.

Title : The last survivor of 'The Great Escape' camp tells his story

            Bomber pilot Richard 'Dick' Churchill was a prisoner
            of war at Stalag Luft III.

Title : The watch that could help manage severe autism

            By measuring stress and anxiety levels, this wearable
            device could help people communicate.

Title : To have loved and lost

            Exploring the loss of a loved one through photography.

Title : Gal Gadot visits children's hospital in Wonder Woman costume

            The actress is dubbed "a true Wonder Woman" after
            visiting a children's hospital in costume.

Title : Macedonia: The Balkan country waiting for Nato's invitation

            When Nato leaders meet in Brussels, Macedonia will be
            hoping for an invitation to join the alliance.

Title : San Francisco: Where a six-figure salary is 'low income'

            How earnings of more than $100,000 became too little
            for a family of four to get by on.

Title : Can Ethiopia's Abiy Ahmed make peace with 'Africa's North

            Ethiopia and Eritrea were bitter enemies for half a
            century but have embraced peace in just a few days.

Title : Tattoo taboo: Spanish woman fights rejection by army

            Estela Martin left her job to join the military but
            was turned down because of a tattoo on her foot.

Title : Searching for the 'angel' who held me after attack

            When Will was knocked over on Westminster Bridge, a
            stranger knelt down and took his hand. Later he wanted
            to thank her, but he could only remember her face.

Title : The polio survivor who says she ‘was one of the lucky

            Simplyhealth chief executive Romana Adbin didn't let
            the lasting impact of polio hold her back.

Title : World Cup 2018: Jurgen Klinsmann's message to England:
'Be who you are'

            England's approach might be predictable and is not
            always beautiful but that does not matter, says World
            Cup winner Jurgen Klinsmann.

Title : Wimbledon 2018: Angelique Kerber beats Daria Kasatkina to
reach semi-finals

            Germany's 11th seed Angelique Kerber reaches the
            Wimbledon semi-finals with a victory over Russia's
            Daria Kasatkina.

Title : Raheem Sterling: What are critics not seeing in England
forward's World Cup performances?

            No England player at the World Cup divides opinion more
            than Raheem Sterling - so what are people missing?

Title : France v Belgium: European battle of world stars

            France and Belgium were both ranked as pre-tournament
            favourites to reach the World Cup final, but who will
            get there?

Title : How are disabled fans finding accessibility in Russia?

            An England fan with limited mobility tests out Russia's
            provision for fans with disabilities.

Title : Belgium-France clash tests border loyalties

            For two neighbours challenging for a place in the final,
            Tuesday's match does more than cross borders.

Title : World Cup 2018: Croatia v England - all you need to know
about the semi-final

            Croatia had not gained independence the last time
            England reached a World Cup semi-final, but the two
            sides are now preparing to meet in Russia.

Title : How Pickford became England's number one

            How has Everton keeper Jordan Pickford emerged as a
            key component of an England side 90 minutes away from
            their first World Cup final since 1966?

Title : World Cup 2018: Your stories of how England fell back in
love with football

            England's run to the World Cup semi-finals has captured
            your imagination - and you have told us how they have
            restored national pride.

Title : Surviving every diver's worst nightmare

            Xisco Gracia experienced a diver's worst nightmare
            after finding himself without oxygen in an underwater
            cave beneath Mallorca.

Title : 'My wife can never call my name in public'

            What's life like when your name provokes shock, rudeness
            and awkward jokes across the Western world?

Title : Was the newlywed mechanic who stole a plane shot down?

            In 1969 a mechanic stole a plane from East Anglia and set
            off to kiss his wife in the US - then disappeared. Was
            he shot down?

Title : 'My husband hired a hitman to kill me - but I forgive him'

            When Nancy Shore drove home one day in 2012 a hitman
            was waiting with a gun. She was stunned when she learned
            who paid him.

Title : Trump immigration: The effects of a raid on one tiny town

            More than 100 undocumented migrants were arrested in one
            raid in Ohio. The impact will be felt for a long time.

Title : World Cup 2018: Everything you need to know about penalty

            What makes the perfect World Cup penalty? Just how bad
            are England at them? Does luck come into it? Your guide
            to World Cup shootouts.


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