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Title : Cave rescue: Four more boys rescued by Thai Navy divers

            Four boys and their football coach remain inside the
            flooded cave system, Thai navy divers confirm.

Title : Thai cave: Wife and father mourn 'hero' diver

            Family members share memories of Saman Gunan, who died
            taking oxygen to the boys trapped in a cave.

Title : Danone looking into baby milk complaints

            Parents are complaining that the new version of Aptamil
            formula is making their babies ill.

Title : Haiti fuel protesters' anger turns on President Moise

            Anger at a fuel price hike has turned into violent
            demands that President Jovenel Moise step down.

Title : Iran women dance in support of arrested Instagram teen

            Eighteen-year-old Maedeh Hojabri was detained for
            posting videos of herself dancing on Instagram.

Title : UK gets new chief Brexit negotiator

            Dominic Raab is given key role after David Davis says
            PM's Brexit plan is a "compromise too far".

Title : Ethiopia and Eritrea finally agree to end war

            The two countries have been in a state of "no war,
            no peace" since the border conflict ended in 1999.

Title : Novichok: Amesbury poisoning couple 'had high dose'

            Police are hunting for the contaminated container
            handled by Dawn Sturgess, following her death.

Title : Nissan admits falsifying emissions tests in Japan

            The firm says tests at Japanese factories had "deviated
            from the prescribed testing environment".

Title : Sydney restaurant 'dumped' drunk customers on street

            The venue was fined after its staff carried the
            intoxicated and unconscious customers outside.

Title : UK nerve agent victim dies in hospital

            Prime Minister Theresa May says she is "appalled and
            shocked" by the death of Dawn Sturgess, 44.

Title : The Queen and Prince Philip to miss Prince Louis christening

            Buckingham Palace said the decision not to attend the
            ceremony is not due to health reasons.

Title : This Syrian man has been stuck in an airport for months

            Hassan al-Kontar wanted to avoid Syria's civil war. He
            ended up stranded at Kuala Lumpur airport.

Title : Thai rescue: The psychological effects of being trapped

            Child psychiatrist Dr Andrea Danese on the challenges
            that will face the rescued Thai boys.

Title : Gal Gadot visits children's hospital in Wonder Woman costume

            The actress is dubbed "a true Wonder Woman" after
            visiting a children's hospital in costume.

Title : Citroën CEO: ‘Directors' egos can be a bit like

            Linda Jackson is the first female and first British
            CEO of French carmaker Citroën.

Title : Choosing to have an only child: 'People were offended'

            Three mothers in three countries talk about why they
            decided to have an only child.

Title : What do non-Koreans love about K-pop?

            We hit Europe's biggest K-pop club night in London to
            find out why young non-Koreans are going mad for it.

Title : Searching for the 'angel' who held me after attack

            When Will was knocked over on Westminster Bridge, a
            stranger knelt down and took his hand. Later he wanted
            to thank her, but he could only remember her face.

Title : Cave rescue: Who are the 12 boys and their coach trapped
in Thailand?

            The ordeal faced by the football team and their coach
            trapped in a Thai cave has gripped the world.

Title : Tattoo taboo: Spanish woman fights rejection by army

            Estela Martin left her job to join the military but
            was turned down because of a tattoo on her foot.

Title : The polio survivor who says she ‘was one of the lucky

            Simplyhealth chief executive Romana Adbin didn't let
            the lasting impact of polio hold her back.

Title : How the people of Delhi saved 16,000 trees from the axe

            How a determined group of Indians stopped a project
            that planned to cut thousands of trees in Delhi.

Title : How WhatsApp has helped heroin become Mozambiques second
biggest export

            As many as 40 tonnes of heroin could be passing through
            Mozambique every year, in a trade that is boosted by
            the use of mobile phone apps.

Title : Why local US newspapers are sounding the alarm

            In the past decade, hundreds of local US newspapers
            have closed or merged. What happens to the communities
            they leave behind?

Title : Was the newlywed mechanic who stole a plane shot down?

            In 1969 a mechanic stole a plane from East Anglia and set
            off to kiss his wife in the US - then disappeared. Was
            he shot down?

Title : World Cup 2018: 'Russia dream over but nation's hope

            Russia were eliminated from the World Cup at the
            quarter-final stage, but their display as hosts has
            made a country fall in love with its national team again.

Title : World Cup 2018: England were a laughing stock, but not any
more - Alan Shearer

            England have grown into a team with identity and purpose
            in Russia, says ex-Three Lions captain Alan Shearer.

Title : Lewis Hamilton says comment about Kimi Raikkonen after
British Grand Prix was 'dumb'

            Lewis Hamilton says he was "dumb" to imply that Kimi
            Raikkonen might have deliberately collided with him at
            the start of the British Grand Prix.

Title : Wimbledon 2018: Seventh seed Karolina Pliskova loses in
straight sets to Kiki Bertens

            Karolina Pliskova becomes the last of the top 10 women's
            seeds to be knocked out of Wimbledon, beaten 6-3 7-6
            (7-1) by Kiki Bertens.

Title : West Ham close on Jack Wilshere & Andriy Yarmolenko signings

            West Ham are closing in on the double signing of former
            Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere and Ukraine forward
            Andriy Yarmolenko.

Title : Wayne Pivac: Scarlets chief to succeed Warren Gatland as
Wales coach

            Scarlets boss Wayne Pivac will succeed Warren Gatland
            as Wales coach, the Welsh Rugby Union confirms.

Title : Wimbledon 2018: Men's final will not be moved despite World
Cup clash

            The Wimbledon men's singles final on Sunday will not
            be moved even if England reach the World Cup final on
            the same afternoon.

Title : 'My husband hired a hitman to kill me - but I forgive him'

            When Nancy Shore drove home one day in 2012 a hitman
            was waiting with a gun. She was stunned when she learned
            who paid him.

Title : Trump immigration: The effects of a raid on one tiny town

            More than 100 undocumented migrants were arrested in one
            raid in Ohio. The impact will be felt for a long time.

Title : World Cup 2018: Everything you need to know about penalty

            What makes the perfect World Cup penalty? Just how bad
            are England at them? Does luck come into it? Your guide
            to World Cup shootouts.

Title : 'My daring grandfather took a bit of East Berlin for himself'

            In 1982, Osman Kalin started a garden in a corner of East
            Germany that was on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall.

Title : The cave divers who went back for their friends

            In February 2014 two divers died at a depth of more than
            100m in a huge cave system in Norway. Seven weeks later,
            their three friends went back to get their bodies.

Title : The death of a Poundworld

            Discount retailer Poundworld is teetering on the
            brink. For staff and customers, it's more than just a
            brand that could be lost.


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