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Subj: covid-19: Report and Rules
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Hi all,

Italy is being the second State in the world,
following the China, of covid-19 pandemic.
The official bulletins said of about 31506
cases in which 2503 victims and 2901 saved
by cures.

Essentially here remain closed down almost
ALL activities: all schools, restaurant, bars,
sports, cinema, parks, public gardens, and
many many others activities having impact
with the people contact...

Since March 5 all here is blocked.

Italy, perhaps has the best Health Service
in the world and now it is in a big difficulty.

There are some rules which MUST be observed
to reduce the risks of contagion:

The first one is to *strictly* remain at home:
the only justified reasons to exit are:

- to go at work
- to go to supermarket for food and home
   necessary provisioning
- to go to pharmacies
- for very urgent and necessary cases

- Don't frequent ANY public or private
   space if they remain open to public, in
   your Country: it is very very recommended!

- observe at least *1 meter* of distance
   from other people and use masks, gloves
   and glasses to protect you and the others.

   Commercial masks are unobtainable here, so
   I suggest to use the baking paper (that
   used for oven cooking) to build them by

- wash frequently your hands for at least
   20 seconds by using water and soap or
   gel based of ethyl alcohol or substances
   with chlorine.

- don't gave the hands, kiss or embraces
   to anyone: it is very very dangerous!

73 and ciao, gustavo i0ojj/ir0aab/ir0eq
SICD project Rome Italy
Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur

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